Above: The Road to Kharkhorin
Taken while traveling in Mongolia. October 2010.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Дорогие друзья,

I'll keep this post short, since technically I'm not allowed to speak/read/write in English until 13 August.

The plan:
  • Get through the next 5 weeks of Russian School
  • Spend the two weeks between Russian School and orientation in Moscow in Austria visiting a friend
  • Fall 2010 in Irkutsk
  • Spring 2011 in Moscow
  • Summer 2011 in France visiting friends and host families [whom I will not have seen in 4 (four) years (YEARS)]
  • Fall 2011 in Berlin
  • Spring 2012 on campus finishing COLLEGE
  • Summer 2012 HOME (after being away for 2 years)
Let's hope everything goes according to plan! Давай давай давай!