Above: The Road to Kharkhorin
Taken while traveling in Mongolia. October 2010.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The last days...

My days in Moscow have, alas, come to an end. "So where did you like it better? In Irkutsk, or Moscow?" is a question I've been hearing quite often  lately, and probably will keep hearing. The truth is, this question bothers me. It bothers me because I can't answer it. In my eyes, Irkutsk and Moscow are worlds apart, and not in the same country. Yes, my last two semesters were in fact spent in two different parts of Russia, but in my mind, I spent one semester in Irktusk, and one semester in Moscow, and not a year in Russia. That is all I will write for know. Feel free to ask if you would like me to elaborate.

I have been traveling with my friend Fritz since I left Moscow on June 25th.

Here's a map of our itinerary (click to enlarge):

So far we've done all of the cities up to Kiev, from whence I am writing to you all right now. It looks like we'll have to go straight to Budapest after Chisinau, due to lack of time, money, etc... We'll see...

And here are some pictures from my last days in RUSSIA (Moscow and Saint Petersburg)


The all-too-common Irkutsk reunion in Moscow.
This time: Nastia, Fritz, Nelson + Nastia's friend Marine

Moscow being Moscow


Nice summer day in Kolomenskoe

Goodbye Moscow!

Fritz says I don't do "gobnik" very well. But what does he know!

Saint Petersburg:

Consfused and probably drenched on our first
day in Petersburg

Petergof... hof?


With our CS hosts after doobious acts. I spelled it that way on purpose.

The drawing of the bridges on the river Neva. Viewed from our personal
boat while gradually emptying a few bottles of red wine.


Lying in front of Saint Isaac's Cathedral right next to the Bronze Horseman

Peter and Paul Fortress viewed from the southern bank

Goodnight Petersburg

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  1. Andrew Singer14 July, 2011 06:32

    я скучаю по Москве и Питеру!!!! Желаю вам прекрасное, безопасное, но интересное путешествие))