Above: The Road to Kharkhorin
Taken while traveling in Mongolia. October 2010.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Last Month

My friend Juliette, waiting at her station in Kreuzberg

Under metro station Görlitzer Bahnhof, also in Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Near my apartment in Wedding, early January

View from one of my windows, taken earlier today

After Christmas with the Rossmanns in Nürnberg and New Year's in Kreuzberg, I find myself all moved in in my room in Wedding, a Bezirk (borough) in northwest Berlin. Got used to the new place and my new roommate from Israel, Itay, pretty quickly, which is good since lately I've had very little time for anything besides work for my classes. I'm beginning to feel the end-of-the-semester stress, and can't help but think about my return to Middlebury in a month. Being in the last month of my 18 months abroad is very strange, to say the least.

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